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Lose weight, sleep better, increase energy and improve your life!
MetaLife System™ is a Lifestyle Empowerment Program. It is Designed to Rid
Your Body of Unwanted Weight, While Adding Vitality to Your Life Experience

Dr. Joseph Esposito

Physician and Certified Nutritionist
Founder of MetaLife System

Dr. Kevin Day

AlignLife of Warsaw
MetaLife Provider
MetaLife™ is not just a diet plan. It's a comprehensive food and lifestyle empowerment program designed to create the body, and life, you have always desired!
Aceva’s MetaLife™ System is designed for those looking for a personalized approach to healthful, sustainable weight loss.

This transformational system will regulate the essential hormones necessary to create the signature MetaLife triad: reduced cravings, increased energy and 24 hour fat burning.

Unlike diet fads, the MetaLife System utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure you are burning fat, but not losing muscle. This is THE KEY to maintaining weight loss, for the long haul.

One of the most unique aspects of MetaLife is its clinical impact on conditions other than weight gain and obesity. It has shown to clinically impact your energy levels, quality of sleep, mood, and your pain levels. 
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If You Can Answer "YES" to 4 of These 6 Questions,
Then You May Have a Hormone Imbalance

Are you 25 lbs or more over weight? 
Have you previously lost weight, but can't keep it off? 

Have you suffered from chronic fatigue for over 90 days? 

Have you been dealing with anxiety and/or depression? 

Are you suffering from chronic pain? 

Do you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep?

The MetaLife Program will show you how to balance your hormones with nutrition,
and as a result of this, you will be able to lose weight, and keep it off!

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No More Tasteless, Boxed Diet Foods!

Do these look like diet foods? No way! You will be enjoying delicious, nutritious meals that you can prepare yourself.

The meals pictured above were all prepared by participants of the MetaLife System™

MetaLife Is Comprehensive & Cost Effective
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